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Another talented photographer in the public eye, Marc Philbert is the newest name on all arty farty photo loving lips. Freezing beautiful, sexual and sensual moments in time, capturing women in compromising positions for colourful campaigns. Playing with colour, curves (or lack there of) and manipulating the imagery into the perfect compositions of lustful eye candy. Makes me want to get mountains of makeup and take to my friends for a photo filled fashion frenzy. x



get cultured

As westerners we tend to get lost in the images of robes and prayers, forgetting that Monks tend to live the same daily routines as most of us do.
Developed over the past year at the Gyuto monastery in the foothills of the Northern Indian Mountains, an exhibition by Toby Wilkinson captures the essence of the Gyuto community as both ordinary men and highly realised monks.
The exabition isnt just a collaboration phenomenal imagery, but also includes daily meditations, public talks, the famous ‘Culture for Kids’ classes and a series of Buddhist teachings by Gen Lama.

Bondi Pavillion 19-31 January 2010 – Entry by donation.

scorching summer sales

Seriously, sign up for sales delivered directly to your inbox.

Sexy shades, slouching shawls, sterling silver, stunning swimmers, slick shoes, with AM and Karen Walker eyewere, Buddhist Punk and the luscious Lucette just to name a few. The summer stuffed retail sale goes on…daily.

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Want to commit virtual suicide?

Many of us spend time at social-networking sites like Facebook, MySpace or LinkedIn. If you use those sites, you know how easy it is to happily fritter away hours in the Twitterverse or some other online community. But what happens if you get sick of all those messages on your Facebook wall? If you just can’t stand the chatter anymore?

Now one Web site is encouraging you to end it all — virtually.

Think about it… It doesn’t make your life better, we did without it before, but now it makes us think we’re always missing something. And above all, it actually makes you more stupid.

The idea of the “Web 2.0 Suicide Machine” is to abandon your virtual life. Would you dare do it? End it all, cut all ties and jump off the virtual edge? Commit virtual suicide?

Web 2.0 Suicide Machine

Dreams money can buy…

Come one, come all… Pedestrian TV and The Daily Sydney Present: The Emergency “Dreams Money Can Buy” Album Launch.

The EmergencyFashion Launches Rocket Launches (Comprised of members from Midnight Juggernauts, Lost Valentinos & Mercy Arms), SoftwarNo Art and just announced: Panache Chants and Goldrush – Direct from LA.

Sat Jan 9th – Civic Underground Syd – 388 Pitt St – $15+bf or at the door…

It will, be awesome.

Sydney Festival

Mo yeah yeah, it’s that time of year! We’re all starting to crawl out of our houses with arms full of presents and slowly, but surely, recover from our food induced coma’s. Christmas has come to an end, but Sydney summer is just beginning, with immense amounts of fun surrounding the streets of Sydney.

Sydney Festival is fast approaching and I highly recommend you schedule in some of the amazing culture that is on offer in between your backyard BBQs, beach parties and booming hangovers – from the 9th to the 30th of January. Even if you just frolic in the fancy free first night and take advantage of the continuing free festivities, there is surely something that will tickle your fancy. Sign up for updates here and i’ll see you there Sydneysiders. Merry Xmas and a Happy New Year. x

I’m not…

Tuchuzy when it comes to SALE time. Just a few blocks down from their Gould St home @ 165 Glenayr Ave, Bondi Beach, is their summer sale store with 70% off store wide you are bound to find the perfect xmas gift (for yourself of course). Anna and Boy, Bassike, Cheap Monday, American Apparel and loads more for all your guys and gals. It is the party season after all – so why not treat yourself?!