Want to commit virtual suicide?

Many of us spend time at social-networking sites like Facebook, MySpace or LinkedIn. If you use those sites, you know how easy it is to happily fritter away hours in the Twitterverse or some other online community. But what happens if you get sick of all those messages on your Facebook wall? If you just can’t stand the chatter anymore?

Now one Web site is encouraging you to end it all — virtually.

Think about it… It doesn’t make your life better, we did without it before, but now it makes us think we’re always missing something. And above all, it actually makes you more stupid.

The idea of the “Web 2.0 Suicide Machine” is to abandon your virtual life. Would you dare do it? End it all, cut all ties and jump off the virtual edge? Commit virtual suicide?

Web 2.0 Suicide Machine


One thought on “Want to commit virtual suicide?

  1. I’ve contemplated doing this, but some of my friends don’t have my number and email and vice versa so it would take alot of effort. Possibly also a virtual suicide note before I topped myself.
    And there lies the problem of where would I play online scrabble at?


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