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What were you doing when you were 13? I think I was probably still taping my boobs like Christina Ricci in Now and Then, riding my bike around the block, scuffing my knees, and playing detective typing games on my Atari 8-bit. But, there’s no way I knew how to blog let alone what a blog does. I certainly wasn’t hanging with Wang, sitting front row NYFW, wearing custom Rodarte, and rapping about Rei Kawakubo because I didn’t actually know who Rei Kawakubo was.

No that’s Tavi, the 13-year old fashion blogger, who makes even the moderately successful Gen Y feel like they should have been doing it 10 years ago. Not only does she have genuine insight into each season, she breaks it up by dancing to Abba in Margiela and making collages of J-Lo with Lady Gaga’s body birthing Kathy Horan. Now she’s collaborating with Borders&Frontiers to make this 100% certified organic cotton spacegirl tee, raising money for the genocide victims in Darfur. You can warm the cockles of your heart AND look good doing it.