Romance Was Born

Oh dear, now Myer is stocking Balmain and Romance Was Born is opening a store in Paddington Sydney, i may as well wave goodbye to my savings. okseeyabye….


finders keepers

Yep, its that time of year again – grab your besties and head on down to carriageworks on Friday 4th December from 6pm – 10pm and Saturday 5th December from 10am – 8pm for the Finders Keepers Markets.

Dart around and amerce yourself in the treats and treasure of others talents so and get your dose of live music and dapple in drinkies galore. Sounds like a perfect day out to me! Enjoy. x

spread the good moos!

I personally have a massive addiction to ice-cream and absolutely no self control when it comes to trying NOT to consume it. Now Ben and Jerry have opened up their first Aussie store – gracing our shores with their smooth creamy presents right in time for summer, its a little bit hard to resist.

Back in ’79, Ben and Jerry sold pints of ice cream from Ben’s VW campervan. Now 30 years on, they have started the Aussie kombi – dubbed the ‘Rolling Cone’ – and its hitting the streets to spread the peace, love & ice cream. Follow its location and grab yourself some FREE ice cold heaven, find out where – here.

Or… head to Manly on the 28th of November for the stores GRAND OPENING. Meet Ben and Jerry and grab your FREE icecream. Yummo! x

toof hurty?

i always thought that my mumma was a massive nutter, as she saved our baby teeth in a display cupboard hidden high up in the lounge room within a little brass tea pot. i was forever wondering… ‘what the hell is she going to do with them, the weirdo?’ but now i see… one persons teeth, can be worn as another persons treasure as melbourne based van der glas has so painlessly demonstrated, with his new jewelery collection. knuckle down and get your self a set of these fancy chompers today.

bondi bandits

Calling all Bondi bandits. This Saturday 6:30 pm, Bondi Pavilion, Bondi Film Festival. Australian film makers have hurled in their entries – including a broad spectrum of films from documentaries, dramas, comedies and animations. Movie matinée madness is already sold out, so get your speedy fingers on the ready as it will no doubt be awesome. Get your tickets here.

who is the superest?

Who is the superest hero of them all? An oldie, but a goodie. The Superest is a continually running game of My Team, Your Team.

The rules are simple: Player 1 draws a character with a power. Player 2 then draws a character whose power cancels the power of that previous character and repeat. Power to the people, put your pens to paper and get uploading! Warning: becomes quite addictive.


hi, my name is shani and i am addicted to magazine subscriptions – well actually, i am addicted to mag nation. i have never seen anything like it, i was like a kid in a candy store. i think i am well behind in the times, but my question is ‘why has no one showed me this site before?’. I know why (and in true shani fashion, i will answer myself) because shani, you will become addicted. oops, to late.

size matters?

These little leopard print tights are just another reason why i’d like miniaturise myself today.

Here’s what else i have on my mini agenda:

– Go water sliding down a straw.
– Ride a mouse.
– Hide from the tax man inside peanut shell.
– Wear Barbie’s bathers.
– Look down Ken’s pants.

Its clearly not going to happen, so i am going to make these mini pies instead and eat them all by myself!

nom, nom, nom…