festival fever

the year before last i promised myself that i wouldn’t attend another fluro clad festival in mini shorts and gumboots, in fact, i told myself i was to old and moving forward i would steer clear of festy festivals all together. lies, all lies. a friend just brought me my 7th consecutive BDO ticket (sad i know), but, the line up is surprisingly tasteful. with rumours of david bowie being in attendance, i am slightly intrigued and hopeful to say the least. although, a note to the shirtless bogans wrapped in aussie flags and pointless pink plastic sunglasses – stay away, or i could loose my ‘cool’. with groove armada, ladyhawke, lilly allen, peaches, girltalk just to name a few all within the first announcement. BDO 2010 could be, well ‘intresting’, but we will soon see.