the 7th wonder

last week i found, what i thought, was the worlds best invention. a little plastic container with a screw off lid that holds roughly 150 bobby pins (so you dont loose them). i brought one, i put it in my bag and today, a week later, i have 4 left.

my whole life, this has always dumbfounded me. where do they go? whenever i really, really, need just one, there is not one to be found. but when i am not looking for them, they turn up in the strangest of places. i appreciate them don’t get me wrong, they are a handy little invention. i once i started a car with a piece of macaroni, a crucifix and a bobby pin. but they are strangely extremely easy to loose.

about a year ago, i started a facebook group called “Where the hell are all my bobby pins?” and today i have 49,643 members, 1,296 wall posts and photos galore. this brings me to the conclusion that i am not the only one that has lost a few thousand bobby pins in my time, yet it still ceases to amaze me that not one of them is anywhere to be found.

Bobby Pins


One thought on “the 7th wonder

  1. do you know how many times i have had to clean my room of fuckin bobby pins. where the fuck do they all come from? if i have your bobby pins, do you have my socks?


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