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52 suburbs

a while ago a girlfriend mentioned that she wanted to take a photo for everyday of her life and post it on a blog. although after a while, i think that she realised that the reality was, slightly unrealistic. over a monotonous wednesday night sushi infused catch up, consisting of talks of travels, love and lust – we had a slight epiphany – realising that we didn’t see enough of the beautiful city in which we already lived. so we made a pact – every week we must go to a different suburb and do, eat, or see – something old and something new. This way, there is always something fun to do. i insist you do it to – this guy did. xox


whats your story?

they say ‘pictures don’t lie’ and ‘a picture tells a thousand words’ – i agree, as does canon. canon have tapped into these theories and are giving you peeps a chance to share your story, with the new Canon IXUS true stories.

if sass and bide are doing it, it must be cool – upload your photo and share your story here. x

pop ups are fun

if you want to be uber funky rocken some New York freak, from the one and only queen of fashion chloe sevigny. or just kick about in some kool keds, then these knick knacks will be right up your ally. INCU presents: Chloe Sevigny for Opening Ceremony Pop Up Store, Surry Hills. a unisex range from the heart of New York City with some uber cool shopping for all of you boys and girls, it opened on saturday 19 sept. go check it out.


tao lin

born in 1983, and raised in orlando, florida, tao lin is, in my books – a revolutionary. in 2007 he published his first two works of fiction, the short story collection Bed, and the novel Eeeee Eee Eeee, simultaneously. lin quickly became an underground sensation with a huge cult following. in 2008, lin published his poetry collection, cognitive-behavioral therapy. it has been assigned as a text book in several college level psychology courses. now he brings us shoplifting from american apparel you must buy it, that is all.

ShopLifting From AmericanApparel

oh shirt!

its 8am on a thursday morning and you have awoken to an extremely sore head,  realising that you have to be at work in under an hour and all you have are the smelly clothes you were out in the night before. just follow these quick and simple steps and you will be out the door, as fresh as a daisy in no time!

all you need is…

– a big, button-down shirt
– 4 or 5 buttons
– needle and thread
– straight pins
– scissors
– someone to help you

and follow these simple steps.

the happy squirter

if kitch is your thing or you have a slight soft side for street art then i am sure that you would have seen some of the infermous ‘buff monster’s’ work. ranging from vinyl toys, comic art, graffiti and street-inspired collectables. hosting a strict palette of seductive pinks he mixes himself, counter-pointed with black, silver and gold. his backgrounds are often surreal orgasmic miasmas of squirt patterns and finely executed character paintings on board, found metal and vintage porn. this form of art has become hugely appreciated by people at large, especially throughout the US, where buff’s signature style and palette have become iconic. check out his sight here.