nutty much?

the snickers bar has been around since 1930, when the mars family named the chocolate-covered caramel-peanut-nougat bar after their favorite horse. it is supposedly still america’s best-selling candy bar, pulling in more than US$ 2 billion annually from sales worldwide.

But even with that kind of dough coming in, snickers has reportedly slowly been losing market share over the last decade, partially due to the massive influx of other new candy bars, such as fling, which is marketed to women.
it starts off simply with the words “you’re so close you can taste it” underscored by a chocolate-brown background.

then, suddenly, a snickers bar appears that is magically unwrapped. from there on, it’s confusing sensory overload: just as the wrapper comes off, a massive snickers bar with a bite taken out of it plummets from above and slams onto the site, accompanied by the action-movie-type sounds of several tons of something—perhaps a car pileup or maybe an angry godzilla.
no action-movie-style disaster scene is complete without helicopters flitting and whirling in the skies above, and also has one at the top of its page, towing a “bar hunger” sign. despite the sounds, your eye wanders the images onscreen. icons are thrown everywhere some of which are clickable items and some of which are not. the result is confusing, almost scary, and clicking around isn’t a huge help.
there is some form of snickers sponsership page – feeding america and the logo doesn’t link to that organization’s site? snickers is apparently also working with the nfl, little league, nascar and the flw bass fishing tour. After all, what is it in snickers’ brand values that makes the candy bar a good fit for these organizations? a little information on how the brand chooses its partners maybe?

back on the homepage, there are distracting images and meaningless icons to explore accompanied by silly audio that tells visitors to do cryptic actions such as “ride the four horses of the satisfocalypse” and “learn to speak snacklish.” what? really?
if a reader wants to try and actually “learn” snacklish, the link goes to the snickers facebook page, which has a tool that allows readers to have different words translated into snacking terms.
the idea is amusing—sometimes hilarious—and is a lovely addition to the procrastinator’s toolbox, but it feels endless and redundant and overwhelming—and, well, pointless after a while.
the facebook page also provides a space for visitors to talk about how much they love snickers. one recent post: “ahhh first S N I C K E R S of the day always the best!” how american of them – clearly cornering there demographic – once you enter the snickers space on facebook, you’ll find photographs of the candy in question as well as videos of everything.the poll section of the site is quite popular with fans of snickers.
how much can you cram into one website really – have you ever heard of a clear user friendly navagation bar for this candy bar site? come on really what do you want your users to do here? are we creating brand awareness, selling the product or just cramming everything that your brand is currently doing in the market place into one extremely confusing hub of dribble with no explanation what so ever… good idea snickers – i think not.



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